Massena started as an inquisitive venture between friends, entrenched in the enjoyment of the physical process of making wine and transferring this into drinking the finished product.

We began in the 2000 harvest with our roots steeped in Barossa history, but with a vision for creating a new viticultural heritage. Without a set plan, our thirst for knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm became the driving force behind the Massena wine style. 

Based on drinkability and conviviality, Massena wines are 'lifestyle' wines, they are made with a view that each wine has a context. With food, with friends, for no reason whatsoever, they are there to be enjoyed.

By using sustainable practices and a complete hands off approach to both the vineyards we tend and the wines we make, each bottle is a pure expression of the sites they are sourced from and the season that has transpired.