Handcrafted wines from the Barossa Valley

The wines can also be purchased by mail order, which, given both the quality and innovative nature of the wines, seems more than ordinarily worthwhile.
— JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion
They’re for the most part hands-off in the winery and the last few vintages they’ve been adding nothing – no cultured yeasts, no acid and no tannins. The wines speak for themselves as exciting departures from the status quo.
— LISA PEROTTI BROWN, The Wine Advocate
THE ELEVENTH HOUR: Very pure. The Australian Chave?

Massena started as a self funded winemaking apprenticeship between Jaysen Collins and Dan Standish, at the start of the millennium.

Without a tertiary winemaking education between us, just a thirst for knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm, our initial production was earmarked for personal consumption.

As different ideas and the search for more knowledge took hold, our partnership organically grew to produce an eclectic and fluid range of Barossa wines, the production of which depends on each vintage.

Massena wines are 'lifestyle' wines, they are made with a view that each wine has a context. With food, with friends, for no reason whatsoever, they are there to be enjoyed.