Experience an overview of Massena – our history, vineyards and winemaking as well as a tour of the winery. Hosted by one of our team you’ll taste six wines inside our tiny winery surrounded by the tanks and barrels full of current vintage wines. This is a genuine and hands on tasting experience with local Barossans and handmade wines.

Stonegarden Tasting

$30 – redeemable upon bottle purchase

Experience the Stonegarden Vineyard. These wines have precision and complexity, concentration, the best oak, balance, density and position.

Starting with the Stonegarden Riesling, you will taste through our core range of Massena wines and then finish with the incredible Stonegarden Grenache, our icon wine.

You will taste 6 wines from our Massena Range and Stonegarden Range.

Duration of tasting: 45 minutes

Massena Tasting

$20 - redeemable upon bottle purchase

Showcasing the amazing diversity of microclimates that exist in the Barossa Valley. These wines are a creative expression of the winemaker, non conformist, minimalist, edgy... crafted to enjoy with food and friends.

Hands off in the winery with minimal intervention, lower alcohol, less new oak and no herbicides, each wine is an absolute expression of place and people.

You will taste 6 wines from our Massena range.

Duration of tasting: 30 minutes

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