2016 the surly muse                                                                      AUD$70 per 6 bottle case FOB

Viognier Marsanne

Viognier has found its current recognition in being a ‘muse’ to shiraz wines, adding its unique aromatic lift and richness when added in tiny quantities. When some Viognier became available from grapes to be co-fermented with Shiraz, we jumped at the opportunity to explore a new wine style to Massena.


2015 the twilight path                                                                 AUD$80 per 6 bottle case FOB

Primitivo Mataro Graciano

Every Wednesday evening as the sun was setting, my family used to walk a well worn path across an empty paddock behind our house to our friends house for dinner. One night over a glass of wine, the property owner suggested we plant this bare land to vineyard so they didn't have to keep maintainig the empty land. At the turn of the century we planted this land to varities new to the Barossa such as Primitivo, Tannat, Saperavi and Petit Sirah as well as some old favourites, Mataro and Cinsaut.


2015 the moonlight run                                                                AUD$90 per 6 bottle case FOB

Mataro Grenache Shiraz Cinsault

'the moonlight run' was the repetitive nightly drive from the Barossa to the Clare Valley that Dan and I would endure whilst working Harvest in 1999. During the drive home, we would often crave a soft slurpy wine to wash down a hard night's work. Out of this ideal we decided to make a Grenache based wine to be enjoyed whenever the mood takes hold.


2015 the eleventh hour                                                               AUD$120 per 6 bottle case FOB


The sixty year old Shiraz vines from Greenock that produced the original wine were ready to be uprooted due to the lack of yields and the reluctance of other companies to pay a premium for this excellent fruit. After repeated requests for access to these grapes, at 'the eleventh hour' our growers decided to stop the bulldozer and retain a small area of these vines.


2015 the howling dog                                                                  AUD$100 per 6 bottle case FOB


Early experimental batches of Petite Sirah (some as small as 120kg’s) produced wines that were rich and deep, but had pronounced tannins that caused tasters to release a slight howl as it crossed the palate. We later planted other naturally tannic varietals Tannat and Saperavi and with lessons learnt, the only howl we hear now is one of enjoyment!