Wine Front Reviews

2017 Stonegarden Grenache - 94 points

Old vine grenache off the Stonegarden vineyard. Part matured in a ceramic egg, part whole bunches, all unfiltered and unfined.

Ribs of tannin for sure but it generally feel unfettered and free. It has power but not a lead foot. It tastes of chicory and black cherry, graphite and woodsmoke. It’s sleeves are bursting with spice, dry/sweet/woody at once. Flashes of ironstone and molasses too. They vineyard has done an excellent job, and so too has the winery team. There’s finesse flaring off them’s fingers. It’s a respectful wine and as a result, it’s a fundamentally delicious as it is impressive.

2018 Field Blend - 93 points

No varieties mentioned but it’s picked from the Stonegarden Vineyard and it’s allowed some skin contact.

It is quite delicious. Fresh, crisp and crunchy at once, and yet textural and slippery too. All manner of things going on. Grapefruit, citrus, honeysuckle, stonefruit: all the treasure and the trash. Bite of flavour to the finish seals the quality deal nicely. Touch of class to this.

Campbell Mattinson,, 17/10/18